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Have you ever received a postcard in the mail? Did you look at it? Did you notice its message? Sure you did, everybody does! They even turn it over and look at the other side. Then it may go into the wastebasket, but not until the recipient knows what it says.

Have you ever received spam in your email? Of course, you have - if you have email. Do you always open it? Do you ever read what it says? The answer to these questions from most people is a resounding "No!"

So then which method of advertising is worthwhile? Sure, email is cheap - in fact, it can make your company or product look cheap as well. It is a proven fact that at the present time postcards are the "hands down" winner in the advertising wars.

Why not check out the "Lowly" POSTCARD for yourself? We have client after client telling us that the postcard we printed worked. Check out the other things we do by clicking a menu button above.

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